2013 Rappahannock County Farm Tour & Festival - Celebrating the extraordinary in Rappahannock County, Virginia
Tour Guide Final.pdf (PDF — 7 MB)
Farm Tour Fest Map.jpg (JPG — 5 MB)
Just posted the VENUE DESCRIPTIONS & DRIVING DIRECTIONS as a pdf above.
The  COMPLETE TOUR GUIDEBOOK -- updated just days ago --
is posted  above as a pdf downloadable document; it's the whole tamale :  venue listings, driving directions,
full-page ads for each of the 31 venues and information for the Civil War weekend. 
There are three other  documents posted above that are included in the guidebook, but are handy to have on their own.
1.  Farm Tour & Festival Venue Map
2.  Tour Venue Descriptions with Driving Directions.  "Driving directions?" you might ask.  Well, realize that many venue addresses do not show up on computer-generated maps, and a GPS can lead you to an abandoned road or a cow path out here.  Plus, there's NO CELL SERVICE IN MANY PARTS OF THE COUNTY.
So, these directions just may come in handy if you want to get home in time for work on Monday.  :)
 3.  List  of participants at the Artisans' Market at Avon Hall There's almost 30, so there's certainly something for everyone. 
  Photos by Ronda Ann Gregorio
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