2014 Rappahannock County Farm Tour & Festival - Celebrating the extraordinary in Rappahannock County, Virginia
Come to the Rappahannock County Farm Tour & Festival 

September 27 & 28, 2014     

The 2014 Rappahannock County Farm Tour & Festival lineup is final:  33 venues providing almost three dozen distinctive experiences during this free two-day, family-friendly event.      
It's new!!  Click on the downloadable document below to access the comprehensive tour guidebook, complete with venue map, directions and special events schedule. 

There's also a separate venue map on a second downloadable document:

  • Go on hay rides, see apple cider pressed by hand, eat lunch on the farm where much of the food was raised, peruse country stores and sip fabulous wine crafted from grapes growing all around you.   Visit the only distillery on the entire planet where apple wood-aged whisky is crafted, and see the herb garden used to flavor their small-batch gin. 

  • How about being on the farm during milking time for a herd of Jersey cows, or watching the magic of natural dyes on wool, grown by sheep in the next field?  Or visiting a family homestead where their table is laden every night with meat, fruits and vegetables they grew on their small acreage? 

  • Perhaps you could visit a school where problem solving and ethics are interwoven into daily farm activities, where students get a classical education while getting their hands and boots a little dirty.

  • Visit family-run orchards that have been here for generations -- even centuries.  Late September will be prime time to sample numerous varieties that have been grown here for years.  Put down that grocery store 'Red Delicious' and come out here to taste, smell and feel the fruit!

  • Tour organic farms where heirloom and specialty produce are grown, tended by farmers with global expertise and by interns from around the country who are here to learn. 

  • There's an Artisans' Market under ancient trees in the heart of beautiful Washington, VA.

  • Visit specialty shops selling an array of handmade goods reflecting the highest achievement in art and craft.  Nearby, taste goodies from a tiny bakery that produces an astonishing array of delicious gluten-free goodies, and then savor a cup of  joe at a coffee roaster with a shade garden by a pristine, glittering stream.

  • And the backdrop for the event?   Enchanting Rappahannock County in all its glory --  leaves in shades of madder and tumeric,  Araucana-blue skies and air with a whisper of the coming winter.
It's fun.  It's free.
It won't be the same without you.

Photos by Ronda Ann Gregorio